Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Intarsia, We Meet Again!

Not too long ago, I entered a subscriber giveaway for the Holla Knits blog tour - and I won! I was pretty thrilled to receive an entire project's-worth of yarn, and it was excellent timing, too, since the Holla Knits Special Collection KAL/CAL kicked off this past Monday. The yarn I won was enough to knit a nautical-themed design called The Admiralty, and I'm pretty excited to be making it since I have a special recipient in mind. However, I am forced to revisit one of my most hated techniques: intarsia.

Most recently, I have avoided intarsia in projects by knitting with the main color and then duplicate stitching the design once the piece is done yes, that's how much I hate intarsia. However, that's really only viable for smaller projects. However, I dreamed up a compromise that I think will work: rather than wrangling 3 colors to make each section of the pillow, I'll be working the chart in the two main colors, then duplicate stitching the third color later (to be honest, I might just leave the third color off altogether!). I'm pleased to report that so far, this plan is working out well, though I suppose it's still too soon to tell for sure!

My handspun hippo is nearing completion: I'm just two ears, a tail, and lots of finishing work away from being done!

I'm also thrilled at the response my new ebook Conversation Socks has gotten! Many thanks to those of you who have preordered your copy and/or shared my blog post with friends. You are awesome! I am really excited to publish the next pattern from the book, which will be coming out later this month. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects!

You will receive both patterns pictured above for immediate download and updates for each subsequent pattern as they are published.

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