Friday, August 1, 2014

FO Friday: Small Stuff

After finishing such a long-term project as the chevron socks of doom, I decided to embark on some instant-gratification projects by making lots of tiny toys. There really is nothing more satisfying than a project you can make in a day or two that is also incredibly cute! I started out by mining my leftover yarn bin to make a Compact Cat in Pajamas:
I also made a Little Luchador with some leftover yarn; I modified the pattern a bit to match a photo of a Lucha Libre wrestler I found online.
I crocheted a stripey slug, which was - spoiler alert! - this month's FreshStitches Kit Club shipment. I love how it turned out!
Last but not least, I finished my handspun squirrel late last night! Instead of using floofy yarn to knit the tail (as the pattern called for), I just made it with the same yarn I used for the rest of the squirrel. Some people on Ravelry added fringe to it afterwards in lieu of eyelash/novelty yarn, but I think I might just leave it as-is.

Thanks for joining me this week. Have a crafty weekend!

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