Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TNNA Recap

Instead of my regular WIP Wednesday post, I'd like to share some of the highlights of last weekend's TNNA trade show while they're still fresh in my mind! I took the oh-so glamorous Megabus with my pals Allyson (of Holla Knits/Sweatshop of Love), Heidi (of Hands Occupied), and Leah (of ). Since my track record with Megabus travel isn't great (in 2013 I missed my bus and had to take the overnight...which was rather unpleasant as you might have guessed), they were instrumental in ensuring I made it to Columbus in a timely fashion....or at all, for that matter!
The weekend started out with a really phenomenal beer and the most over-the-top meal (in terms of presentation) at Wolf's Ridge - I'm not one to take photos of my food, but this was the perfect time to break that rule, don't you think? And I promise you, there WAS food underneath the floral arrangement...
Then I went to Marly Bird's infamous designer dinner, which was a lot of fun as always. I came home with a big ol' bag of swag, and I plan on sharing some of these goodies with you in the months to come via reviews AND giveaways (so, you know...sign up for my newsletter or follow me via Bloglovin via the sidebar links if you don't want to miss out on any of that).
Saturday was pretty much a marathon of meeting after meeting, but Sunday allowed me some time to walk the floor and peek at what's in store for this fall. Here are some of the highlights:
New patterns by Bristol Ivy in the Manos del Uruguay booth.
New colors from Blue Sky Alpacas (and waaay in the back is Stripey Fine from Spud & Chloƫ).
The cutest tote bags EVER from Gleener Cleaner.
Color-coded cables from Knitter's Pride (and I forgot to snap a photo of the Marblz sets that'll be in stores this fall).
New yarns from Anzula.

I also saw so many adorable toys - knitted, crocheted, needle-felted, woven, and otherwise!
The above just barely scratches the surface; this would be a seriously long blog post if I shared a photo of everything I saw that was awesome (but you can see some more stuff on my Instagram feed if you are so inclined).

The best part about the show is getting to meet some of the folks I've only previously emailed with face-to-face....unfortunately for you, I am terrible about getting photographic evidence of these encounters which would make the name dropping a lot more tolerable, am I right? I'll just skip over that part and share the only two photos which might fit the bill: The first is a photo from Sunday's Spinzilla meetup:
And then I also had the pleasure of enjoying some Jeni's ice cream with Shirish and Suman from Knitter's Pride and my colleagues Leanne and Mari from Stitchcraft Marketing:

Though I didn't get much time to knit during the show, I did have about 14 hours of uninterrupted knitting time on the bus to and from, so I'm pleased to say that my Lake Michigan tee is the better for it!

Thanks for joining me this week, I hope to see you back here on Friday!


  1. What a fantastic-looking trip! I wish I had gone to TNNA, h well. Your photo of the blue sky alpaca animal kits sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to find them- I finally did, but it seems one of the many advantages to going to TNNA in person meant you could buy a kit- they don't sell them online. But I'll keep looking, thanks for showing a photo!

    1. Hope you can make it next year, it would be awesome to meet you, Julie!

  2. Perfect recap! It was so great to meet you – thanks for encouraging me to go and introducing me to your friends. What a rad weekend!

    1. I'm so glad we could meet up, only wish we could have hung out more! So happy to hear you had a successful first TNNA!