Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Obsessed with Handspun

Last Friday, after a very long week, I decided to take the afternoon off of reorganize my handspun yarn and fiber stash?! Indeed, that is what I ended up doing, and I discovered that I have accumulated SO MUCH handspun yarn that it no longer fit in the medium sized bin I've been using the past several years....and it was time to graduate to a much larger 66 qt. container. Naturally, this new container is now completely filled, as is the medium sized bin which formerly housed my handspun yarn and now kinda sorta but not really holds all of my spinning fiber stash:
As you saw last week, I was already inspired to start making projects with handspun yarn, and this little exercise has only reinforced everything! On Saturday, I decided that I needed to make a baby sweater with some delightfully squishy handspun polwarth yarn I'd also dyed myself (because just knitting a baby gift with normal yarn is no longer enough).
I have a couple of old standby baby sweaters I like to knit, and this time around, I went with the Baby Sweater Buffet by Allyson Dykhuizen, and I'm alternating skeins to help downplay any differences between the skeins. So far I love how it's knitting up!
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Thanks so much!

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