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Top 5 Favorite (Non-Knitting) FREE apps!

It's been a while since I've had a Take 5 blog post to share, so today I'm writing one of my own (and don't worry, I have a few planned for next month!). Since finally making the switch from Android to iPhone, I have enjoyed having more apps to explore on the iOS. Today, I'll be sharing my favorite non-knitting apps which are available for FREE from the app store.

1. Untappd - if you are into craft beer, you can't afford NOT to use this app! It can be a bit sobering (pun intended) to see how much beer you consume, but I have discovered some really cool beers via this app. It also has a really handy function which allows you to track down specific beers, which I have used for those harder-to-come-by brews which are on my beer bucket list. There is a social element to this app, plus you get to earn badges based on what you drink (my husband and I are a touch competitive when it comes to Untappd badges!). Bonus: this app is also available to Android users and other smart devices!

2. Layout by Instagram - I used to use third-party apps to post collages on Instagram, and they were always a little buggy and filled with ads. When Instagram announced that they were coming out with their own free app for posting collages, I was over the moon. I downloaded it right away and have been using it ever since - it's incredibly user-friendly and I like the simplicity. No, you can't get a million cheesy frames or add text to your images, but I think this app is way more polished than any of those other freebies out there. I believe they recently released a free Android version, too!

3. Timehop - This app integrates with major social media channels and allows you to travel back in time to show you posts from the same day over the years. It also features adorable dino graphics, which I love. Sometimes I like to bust it out when I'm waiting in line, just to have a laugh at what I was doing 5 years ago on Instagram or Twitter. There is also a function allowing you to share a post anew (and you can even do a side-by-side comparison of then vs. now!).

4. Transcator - I discovered this app on Twitter and think it's absolutely hilarious. It can actually listen to the noises your cat is making, then comes up with a funny phrase which can be added to a photo of your cat, meme-style. If you don't like what the app comes up with, you are also able to add your own cat-tastic phrases!

5. Mobile Banking App - I am a HUGE fan of my bank's mobile banking app, which allows me to deposit checks by snapping photos and submitting them via the app. Their security is pretty bonkers, too, so I can check my account without fear when I'm on the go. I have a pretty small local bank, so I'm willing to be that a free mobile banking app is standard, no matter where you happen to bank.

Thanks for joining me this week; click here to get caught up on past Take 5 posts!


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