Friday, April 22, 2016

FO Friday: Still More Hats

I just can't stop knitting hats! It's like they're the new cowls...or something. I've recently completed 2 more hat projects; the first is a squishy beanie in Ancient Arts MCN DK - I couldn't resist this pretty colorway, Beaujolais:
I used a free pattern from Ravelry, Violet Waffles (which I kept misreading as Violent Waffles for some's just how I roll), which had a really easy-to-memorize stitch pattern that was perfect for on-the-go knitting (or end-of-day-my-brain-hurts-knitting, for that matter). The yarn is luscious and squishy, perfect for pretty much any stitch pattern you could throw at it:
My next hat was knit with some of my handspun yarn, I believe this is one of my first projects spun from rolags made on my Louet blending board, in fact! The pattern is the Hishigata Hat, which can be purchased at a discount right now during the Knitter's Pride Spring KAL with Angela Tong (details here).
I really liked knitting this pattern, and I think I will make another one with commercially-made yarn before the KAL is done. I'm not totally sure my handspun was the right choice for this stitch pattern, as the pretty cable details get a little lost in all the smooshiness; I think a crisper yarn would do well with this pattern, so I'm curious to whip another one up for comparison. However, check out that fluffy handspun pom pom:
Thanks for stopping by - have a fun & crafty weekend!


  1. I love the color/texture of your handspun! Also the red yarn is very pretty, too. Lush is a good description of the colorway!