Friday, April 8, 2016

FO Friday: Now With More Snow

Yesterday, in between random showers of tiny snowflakes and balls of ice, I saw a window of opportunity to run outside and take some photos for today's post - or so I thought. All was clear until I started actually taking photos, at which point tiny snowballs rained down upon me and blew into frame. It's springtime in Chicago, folks. You just have to go along with it...what else can you do, really?

So, here is my Cashmere/Yak/Silk hat, with snow, and also the awesome Darth Vader mug that Tyler bought at a comic book store in Berlin, because the snow started coming down and I had my tea in one hand and both of these FOs in another - so I just started throwing things everywhere to get the photos taken as quickly as possible.
This hat is SO SOFT. I held a strand of Xanadu and a strand of Shangri-La together. It was a match made in heaven. Oh, and those faint white streaks on the image above that are mostly near the tea mug? That's tiny snow pellets being blown across the shot. Everything happened so quickly, I almost didn't know what hit me.
I also knit another baby bear hat with handspun yarn (this was way before the Germany trip, mind you) and totally forgot to share it here. About 5 seconds after this shot, my deck was covered almost entirely in tiny, roly-poly snow bits and I retreated indoors. Weird weather aside, I still get to wear my lovely hand-knit sweaters, so I'm kind of enjoying the cooler start to April (I know, I'm weird).

Thanks for stopping by, have a crafty weekend!

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