Monday, April 11, 2016

New Pattern: Berlin Hat

Once I knew for sure that I was going to Berlin this March, I decided I should finally finish the Berlin Hat pattern, which is the companion to the Berlin Cowl, so that I could do a photo shoot for both in Berlin.
The Berlin Cowl pattern now has a friend - click here to get both patterns for just $9!
Tyler and I only spent two days in Berlin before heading to Cologne for H+H, so we barely scratched the surface of the city - but what we saw, we loved, and we both agreed that we'd jump at the chance to go back (if you are just wanting to see photos of the Berlin Hat, I recommend scrolling down - because first I am going to make all of you look at some trip photos).
Yup, that sign says "Wienerstrasse" - you're welcome.
We stayed in a neighborhood called Kreuzberg, which was covered in graffiti (which I loved). When we'd walk around, I kept stopping to take photos of the doors which were just covered in the stuff.

But it was really everywhere you looked - so if you love street art as much as I do, Berlin is an absolute paradise.

Kreuzberg had a lot of cool little shops and restaurants, and we even found a yarn store! 

We had an AirBNB that was in an old factory building that had been converted into apartments and offices for creatives - there was a dance studio, the offices for Etsy Germany, fashion designers, and a cute coffee shop. It seems like most of the buildings there have a courtyard in the middle, and that is where we took this first photo of me sporting my Berlin Hat & Cowl: 
There was a huge parking lot just outside of the building, and all of the walls were covered in beautiful murals, which is where these next photos were taken: 
The Berlin Hat uses the same oversized cable pattern from the Berlin Cowl, set against a background of garter stitch. This slouchy-style hat is knit with Baah Shasta worsted weight yarn in the London Blue colorway, which is a nice, springy superwash Merino. I chose to use a needle size that is slightly larger than recommended to create a squishy fabric that can stretch to accommodate a variety of head sizes. You just need one skein to make the hat, or you can get two skeins to knit the set.
Click here to purchase the Berlin Hat pattern on Ravelry, or click here to get both patterns for just $9 with no coupon code needed! This discount can be applied to past purchases, too! 

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  1. SO FUN! I love it :) I will definitely be casting that on soon! (maybe I'll get one done for STitches Midwest, but I wouldn't bet on it...)