Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Sock Yarn Again

After mixing things up with some handspun projects over these last few weeks, I find myself back to all sock yarn, all the time. I guess it was just a matter of time!

The Royals socks continue to grow; I'm starting to think about where I need to place the heel, because there are a LOT of games left still. Thankfully, Tyler has big feet, and at this point, I can calculate exactly how many stripes need to be reserved for the foot, post-heel.
The BFL socks have started to see some action in the form of a productive afternoon at the Revolution Tap Room last Sunday - I'm just doing a simple knit and purl arrow design for the leg, which was actually a stitch pattern from the Boson Cowl I knit not too long ago.
When I brought home these 2 skeins of Artyarns Merino Cloud from H+H last month, I knew they were going to be used in a project together....but of course, I had no idea what that project might be. I'm not sure where I finally got the idea to look for a two-color brioche cowl (Instagram, maybe??), but once I got that stuck in my head, I couldn't let it go. I was pretty excited when I found a free pattern on Ravelry by Emma Goulding called Brioche for Beginners, because that is exactly where I'm at - I've only knit one other project with brioche (a sweater), so I still feel pretty new to the technique. It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it and can adjust to all of the funky abbreviations, though. It seems like each designer uses their own version of them, too, just to add to the confusion, but luckily both patterns I've knit have had instructions that were pretty easy to pick up and memorize.
Lastly, I started another pair of socks this week. I know, I know - WHAT IS WITH ALL THE SOCKS? Last year saw hardly any sock projects started/completed, so I feel like I have a deficit to make up for in 2016. Also, this gorgeous skein of Merino/Nylon from Ancient Arts showed up on my doorstep, which was the perfect excuse for finally trying out these crazy needles I got at H+H last month. I had to start this sock project FOR SCIENCE.
Since I'll be flying down to KC tomorrow for the Ply Away retreat, I thought that a plain vanilla sock would be the perfect thing to take on the go. I'll only be there for a long weekend, but I am packing 3 of the 4 projects featured here on today's blog post (only the Royals socks and the many balls of yarn attached to that project are staying at home). That's a totally reasonably amount of WIPs to take on a short trip to visit family and attend a spinning retreat, right?!?


  1. What does each color mean on the Royals socks?

    1. Yellow = Away Win
      Gray = Away Loss
      Blue = Home Win
      White = Home Loss

      I got the idea from the Scoreboard KAL a while back, it's also kind of similar to the concept of Temperature Blankets/Scarves/Cowls....pretty fun! I may need to start a 2016-based project...

  2. What are those needles?? They look very interesting...

    1. The red ones are bent DPNs from Neko Knit - their website is, to be honest I am not entirely sure where to buy them, either in the USA or online!