Friday, June 10, 2016

FO Friday: Merope Mitts

At the beginning of this week, I reviewed the book Cozy Stash-Busting Knits by Jen Lucas (click here if you missed it). This is my first finished project from the book! I knit the Merope Mitts using a skein of Powder River yarn from Mountain Meadow Wool, which is a natural-colored yarn that has a unique fiber content: 63% mountain merino™, 25% alpaca and 12% black rambouillet.
I love a good marled yarn, and this one was soft and easy to work with. It produced a nice, squishy fabric that blocked out beautifully:
I'm pretty sure that these mitts will be hard-wearing, which is always a bonus. As for the pattern, it was easy to follow, and the resulting mitts fit perfectly (sorry, I didn't have time to get a modeled shot before heading to TNNA this weekend). If I can bear to part with them, these mitts will make a great gift for the holidays!

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  1. Those mitts look lovely and squishy! I wonder what trademarked 'mountain merino' is...