Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WIP Wednesday: From the Stretch

I've been pretty monogamous with my WIPs this past week, especially since I flew down to Kansas City last Friday for a Royals baseball game. I know, I know....two baseball games in two different cities in one week? I must be insane. But my in-laws scored diamond club tickets for when Tyler was visiting to go to Boulevardia, and there was one for the taking if I could just hop a flight down...which is exactly what I did, and it was totally worth it! 
It was insanely hot, but they trounced the Tigers and we still had way too much fun. Also, there were fireworks!
It would have been nice to stay the weekend, but since I'd been at the trade show the previous weekend, I thought it would be better to just do Friday/Saturday so that I could have some unwind time on Sunday. The upside of doing so much travel this year is that it stresses me out way less, and I'm feeling pretty at home at O'Hare. Anyway, I'm digressing, but the main point is that my primary trip project was, yet again, the Three Color Cashmere Cowl. I'm getting close to the finish line!
Also nearing the finish line is the handspun Grivola Shawl. Just before I went to KC, I passed the halfway point, and since returning to Chicago, it's been flying! 
I did pull a sock project out of hibernation to see how things went with the arm. The pain pretty much disappears when I travel, i.e. I am not typing on my computer for 8+ hours. So I guess I need find a good voice dictation thing, or some way to get work done that doesn't cause me pain. Anyway, back to the sock - I successfully completed two repeats of the pattern on the instep, albeit slooooooowly. It's better than I've been able to do, so I'll take it!
Thanks for joining me this week! 

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