Friday, June 24, 2016

FO Friday: Naturally Nazareth Hat

This week's FO is a hat I finished right before I left for TNNA in a new yarn from Kraemer Yarns called Naturally Nazareth. It's spun here in the US from domestically grown wool, a trend I'm glad to see taking hold in the yarn world. I met (and, full disclosure, work with) the folks at Kraemer Yarns at TNNA, and I really love their story
Anyway, I knit the Astrid hat by Jen Lucas from her new book, Cozy Destash Knits (click here if you missed my recent review). It was a nice, satisfying project that looks more complicated than it was - the pattern stitch was really easy to memorize. 
It was also really fun to work with a color that is way outside my usual fare of neutrals, blues and greens. This color is called Twilight and it's got some subtle heathery depth to it - so pretty!
I'm pretty sure that Naturally Nazareth will be arriving in yarn stores soon, but if you are dying to get your hands on some skeins NOW, you can contact them directly or check out their Shopatron store to get hooked up.

Have a crafty weekend!

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  1. Beautkful hat! You can never have too many hats, so even though the colour isn't what you normally go for, i bet there will be some days you want something different and give it a spin!