Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Trade Show Knitting & Stash Enhancement

Since last week, I've made progress on my two main WIPs AND started a new design!

I didn't take the handspun Grivola shawl on my recent trip to DC, but it's grown considerably since I started it last week because of the big  'ol yarn and needles. 

The 3 Color (possibly not) Cashmere Cowl turned out to be the perfect travel and trade show project. When I arrived back home yesterday, I was ready to add the third color!
I did start a new design while in DC, but didn't get very far along, so I can show you a sneak peek. Here's hoping that it will be done soon so that I can get it released for your knitting pleasure, because the Lhasa Wilderness is perfect for summertime projects. 
One of my TNNA goals was to avoid temptation and bring home as little yarn and other swag as possible, and I'm proud to say that for once I succeeded! Here is my modest haul - I am most excited about the green skein of ------ yarn from Baa Ram Ewe, but I've been wanting to knit with their yarn for quite some time now. 
Since I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm pretty sure that my next blog post won't be till Monday, when I share my TNNA recap and some photos I took on Monday afternoon when I actually got to sightsee a little - a true rarity when attending a trade show, at least for me. I'm so glad I allowed for some time to play tourist; I doubt I'll make it back to DC any time soon, so I wanted to be sure to catch a few of the highlights! At any rate, I'll share more next week, see you then!

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