Monday, July 25, 2016

Tour de Fleece Recap

Yesterday, the Tour de Fleece came to an end, and I was so close to spinning all of the fiber that I'd earmarked for the event! I probably could have gotten through the remaining 4oz of Organic Polwarth, but since the point of this event wasn't how much yardage I could spin, I opted not to take it easy and just spend Sunday spinning the 4 singles I had complete by the end of the previous day. I was also a total lame duck about posting in the Ravelry group thread for the team I "joined" during the event (linked at right, the Corner of Knit & Tea). Oops! Anyway,  I spent most of the final week working on a half-pound of dyed merino from Louet to create these two lovely skeins:
On Saturday, I split the first braid of Leading Men Fiber Arts Organic Polwarth into half by weight and spun two singles which I plied together:
I think I'll work on that second lonely braid of LMFA Organic Polwarth this week since it looks so nice with its counterpart. And here is my final collection of skeins from the entire event:
Now I am having some (more) insane thoughts about another blanket project, this one involving handspun yarn. Look at this gorgeous log cabin quilt that Laura Chau recently shared here on Instagram and tell me it's not a good idea...

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