Friday, January 28, 2011

Gettin' organized

January has been dedicated to getting my knitting life organized.  My pattern notebooks were a mess - they were all thrown in there randomly and it was impossible to find anything you might be looking for!  The only categories I had were "things I've made"  and "things I'd like to make."  Is that a joke?  I assure you, it isn't - but it's pretty embarrassing to admit!  On my frequent trips to Skokie, where our vet is located, I've gotten a chance to get the supplies I need to get back on track - first off, some colorful notebooks, plastic sheet protectors, and sticky tabs that are repositionable.  To make up for the sheer chaos of before, not only are patterns grouped by category, but within said category, patterns from the same designer are next to one another (I didn't go so far to alphabetize, but the temptation was there!)

Several bins and baskets have also been purchased.  I started organizing my yarn by weight at the end of last year, but at last that project is officially complete.  On my most recent trip to Michael's, theur baskets were on sale - I've been needing a place to stash all my WIPs for quite some time, as my previous method was to have them strewn throughout the house.  Now, at last, they have a home!

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