Monday, January 10, 2011

show your queue who's boss

In this, the third year of tagging projects 'destashXX' (XX being the last two digits of whatever year it happens to be) in order to see how much knitting can be done from one's stash, I would like to suggest a synergistic movement for the masses - allow me to invite you to the party that is De-Queue '11!

The rules:  Anything you've queued prior to this year is game.  Tag your qualifying projects with 'queue11' - and for added fun, write the original date of queue in the project notes.  For the sake of anthropology, take stock right now and make a note of how many pages and projects you have in your queue before you begin this effort (feel free to leave said info as a comment here!  I love a wildly unscientific experiment!).

Now, I've seen some people on Ravelry with some truly staggering and impressive queues.  When you've got double-digits happening, you don't mess around (or, perhaps, you just queue any project that you think is cool, regardless of whether or not you think you'll actually knit it!  Been there!).  I am not anywhere near such impressive numbers - but I do have six pages of queue to work through, for a grand total of 169 projects. 

  • 20 projects are fingerless gloves, mittens, wristwarmers, and the like.
  • 18  projects are hats
  • 42 projects are socks
  • 25 projects are toys
  • 41 projects are sweaters (this is the category in which I expect the least amount of queue improvement)
  • 23 projects are not tagged into a set (most of them are scarves or random household-type knits)
As I went though my queue to better organize it by project type, I saw a lot of fat that could be trimmed (see the above note regarding indiscriminate queueing).  But no cheating!  Queue deletions must happen at the end of the calendar year - or, if it really bothers you that much to see something in your queue that you will never, ever make, you better keep a running tally so that your end-of-year results aren't skewed.  And honestly, it might be interesting to see how many things that were queued at one time or another that never made it to the cast-on stage - so by all means, take the bull by the horns.  

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