Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Over the weekend, I was contacted by Stephen West regarding errata in the Lakedale Shawl pattern from Malabrigo Book 3 - as you can see, one side of this scarf is in broken rib, and one side is in seed stitch rib.  Apparently there were some pattern repeats missing from the book (the book has a 4-row repeat, but it should really be an 8-row repeat), causing the entire pattern to be in broken rib (I think I messed up an increase or two early on, resulting in the harlequin effect which is probably not evident in the squonchy* photo to the right).  Since this scarf is just for me, and I wasn't entirely sure it wasn't my operator error, I decided to press on instead of frog and begin again - plus, part of me was also curious whether or not I would have the correct stitch count by the time I reached the colorwork scallops.  Somehow I did, but instead of having 115 stitches on either side of the stitch markers, I had 116 stitches on the side with the seed stitch rib and 114 stitches on the side with the broken rib.  Go figure!

At any rate, it was really nice to have the designer be so proactive about this issue - as a contributor to the same book, I couldn't help but sympathize with how it must feel to have your name on a pattern with any sort of error, big or small.  In the end, we're all humans, and sometimes these things fall through the cracks.

For those of you who are intending to knit this pattern - and I recommend that you do, because it's a lovely, fast knit! - errata is located here

Meanwhile, I started a pair of socks last week at work (de-stashing AND de-queue-ing!) - it's kind of slow going, but I'm liking how they're turning out.  The yarn is crocking a little bit onto my fingers as I knit with it, but I love the colorway and I'm sure a little soak in some vinegar is all it will take to fix that issue.

Pattern:  Drunken Bees

Yarn:  Neighborhood Fiber Co. Watershed Sock in Glover Park

Needles:  US Size #1.5

I am also working on the second Rebecca Danger Ornament Kit - I'm not allowing myself to take down the christmas tree 'til it's done!  There's not much to look at currently, as I've only knit the body and part of the arms, but this should be done in a day or two at most, so more photos are forthcoming.  

I can't say I've worked much on my sweater sleeves, but here and there I've picked up and knit a row - I'm now finished with the ribbed cuff and getting to the increases.  I need to get some better circular needles (I'm working them two-at-a-time, but all I had handy were some crappy bamboo circs, and the joins are causing some problems with fluidity of knitting).  Also need to assemble the pieces of a major UFO - way back in fall, I started making a stuffed alpaca toy (Rebecca Danger's Zeke the Aloof Alpaca, to be exact), but never even got around to entering it into my project notebook on Ravelry.  Then life craziness happened, and gift knitting took over, and I'd all but forgotten about it.  When I cleaned my yarn room over New Year's weekend, this little guy was excavated, and perhaps someday soon he will become a snuggly little alpaca!

This is my last day off for the week, and while I've accomplished most of my chores around the house, there is one project that needs some attention:  photograph and catalog all of my stash on ravelry.  I know it doesn't really matter if it's officially in my online stash or not - but in the spirit of Destash11, why not?  I'm going to approach this project bird by bird and just do one bin at a time. 

It seems like a while since I've posted any cat photos - and what kind of crazy yarn lady would I be if I didn't do that from time to time?  Yesterday, in the midst of a snowstorm, a large box arrived from CB2 - I had a post-holiday blowout thanks to a substantial gift card.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before I had to confess my weakness for CB2 and the like - now my secret's out.  At any rate,  the cats got in on the fun as well - I suppose this arrangement works quite well, I get to play with the toys inside, and they get to go crazy with a big cardboard box.  Simple things! 

Coming up in the next blog post:  lots and lots of FO's! 

*Yes, I just made that up.  Rest assured, in another five years, it'll be in the OED.

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