Friday, January 18, 2013

FO Friday: Knit, Crochet & Spin!

Happy FO Friday! Today I have a project to share from each of my fiber-related hobbies: knitting, crocheting, and spinning!

I bound off for this Mesh Top on January 5, but it's taken some time to weave in all the ends, block properly, and take some decent photos, hence the delay in sharing it on this blog. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - honestly, I just assumed it would be a huge disaster - laceweight yarn and I aren't on very friendly terms. I'm surprised that it didn't take longer to knit, and I think it'll be nice to wear this spring. I used a pattern from Patternfish (the Filtes Shetland 1354 Open Dolman by Michelle Porter) and only used one and half skeins of Bijou Basin Ranch Shangri-La, which is a luxurious 50-50 blend of yak and silk. I have enough left over to make something fun, too (just as soon as I'm ready to get back on the laceweight bandwagon).

Last week, I crocheted these birds for our kickstarter rewards for the two people who selected the custom-made bird option. The pattern is Stacey Trock's Amigurumi Blue Bird from her Amigurumi Woodland Animals Craftsy Class. I love this pattern, it's so easy and fun to make!

This week, we delivered all of the rewards that didn't involve the actual 7" single (which is currently at the pressing plant). It's exciting to check a few more items off of our to-do list! 

I haven't had much time to play with my fancy new Ladybug wheel due to the holiday hoopla, but I'd been working on a spinning project when my new wheel arrived, which meant I had to finish said project on the old wheel - well, at least spinning the single. Once I got that finished, I navajo-plied it on my new wheel, which was a slow process for me since this was my first attempt (other than a few practice runs on leftover singles). I love the fiber, which is a 50-50 Tussah Silk/Merino blend from Miss Babs. I chose this colorway, Fog Bank, for a special fiber friend whose favorite color is purple. Hopefully it's already arrived at its destination before this blog posts, because I don't think I can wait another day to share it!

All things considered, my first navajo-plied yarn turned out pretty well. I'm very excited to start a new spinning project this weekend; 2013 is going to be about spinning through my stash, experimenting with my wheel, and trying new fibers and techniques. I think it would be amazing if I could literally spin every fiber in my bin. Perhaps I should take an inventory so that I can check my progress off as I go?

Aaaaand, if you still need some lovely FO's to look at, hop on over to the Tami's Ami's blog for all the FO Friday fun you can handle!


  1. Your top looks great, the birds are cute, and I love that yarn! Yummy.

  2. Your mesh top is outstanding! I bet it was a challenge to weave in ends in such a fin fabric. You did a great job on it.

    1. Thanks! Yes, weaving in the ends wasn't very fun. It took me a few weeks to work up to the task, actually - I finished the knitting and seaming on Jan. 5!