Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Guess My Favorite Color

Happy WIP Wednesday! First, a quick update on my Macbook Pro - last night, I worked up the courage to fire it up and it WORKED! We didn't lose any data, either, so I feel extremely lucky and relieved. Good to know - rice is your friend should liquids invade your electronics.

I am still plodding along on my Destash Dolman, which has seen modest progress since last week; I am halfway through stripe #15:
Over the weekend, I decided to do a little stash diving to find the perfect yarn to make a scarf or cowl to  complement my new winter coat, and came across 4 skeins of Wisdom Yarns Limerick in a bright emerald green with a few subtle turquoise hues mixed in. I snapped it up shortly after Thanksgiving via Craftsy Deals* with no real plan for it, I just wanted it because it was pretty. I thought this might be a good choice for the Calm Cowl, which is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry. I'm nearly through the first ball of yarn, too!
The main project that I've been focusing on is these legwarmers, which I cast on for just last week and I'm already starting the second one! On Monday night while Tyler was at work, I did my sewn bindoff while watching the first episode of Downton Abbey (yes, I'm a little behind the times, I know!).  I am totally in love with the yarn from The Uncommon Thread - both the color and the fiber content. It's very shimmery and silky and slightly variegated. The pattern is the Spanish Moss Legwarmers from November Knits; I'm very excited to wear these with some of my winter skirts!
Finally, I decided to start a spinning project over the weekend - no, not the lovely Wensleydale that just arrived, though I am very tempted to put that next in my spinning queue (plus, it would have fit with my green color scheme this week - which is purely unintentional, I promise!). As part of Spin-O-Loution 2013, I started to spin a braid of merino I bought at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival last fall for the bargain price of $6....which probably should have been my first clue that something was up!

As soon as I started working with the fiber, it was clear that it wasn't Merino (or anything even remotely in the same ballpark). It actually feels like some Romney fiber I dyed & spun myself a few years ago; it's a little heartier and heavier than the natural Romney I just finished spinning and much more lustrous. I'm hand carding all of the fiber before spinning and attempting to spin from a rolag in my effort to try new things. It's going moderately well, and I'm sure I'll have this spun and plied in another week or so. While I'm disappointed that the fiber is mislabeled, I'm still excited to see it all spun up - the dyed colors are so pretty and autumnal, which is really the reason I decided to buy it in the first place. I think it'll look great with a Navajo ply, and it'll probably become a felted handbag or perhaps a hard-wearing hat.

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*Incidentally, Craftsy has been having some a-ma-zing yarns on flash sale this week, ie. the sweater's-worth of Canopy Worsted from The Fibre Company that I snapped up for 50% off! 

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