Friday, June 20, 2014

FO Friday: Return to Knit & Crochet!

At last, I have some FO's I can share with the world! First, I knit a modified version of the Monster Tissue Cozy from Rebecca Danger's Knit a Monster Nurseryfor Father's Day:
I love how he turned out! I used Cascade 220 for the main color and some leftover oddballs for the ears, legs and features. I also decided to crochet my eyes instead of knitting an eye patch and using safety eyes.

Next, I finished my FreshStitches kit club project, Sprocket the Robot! Mine turned out a bit sillier than the pattern photo, due mostly in part to my inability to count and follow the directions properly. I also decided to switch the head with the body in favor of having a smaller head:
I like this squishy version, however, and I have lots of beads left over if I decide to make him a friend (but, you know, actually pay attention and follow the pattern this time).

Have a crafty weekend!