Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday: SQUIRREL!

Lately, I seem to be easily distracted, or perhaps I'm suffering from Second Everything Syndrome? Either way, I have managed to avoid casting on for Chevron Yak Sock #2 since finishing the first one last week. Not only that, over the weekend I finished the first Faux Fair Isle Mitt (minus the thumb), but I still haven't started mitt #2. I know...I'm the worst!
So what have I been doing instead? Well, I started crocheting this robot from the FreshStitches kit club:
I had to rip out my work on this robot head a few times since I apparently couldn't count the correct number of stitches, so it's been kind of slow going. But I am super excited to have a cute robot sometime soon!

I also realized I needed to cast on for a Father's day gift, since that's just around the corner. I'm pretty sure that my dad doesn't read my blog, so I can tell you what this amorphous blog of knitting actually is:
It's a modified version of Rebecca Danger's Monster Tissue Cozy, since I know he likes to use the rectangular tissue boxes in his car!

Last but not least, I have been working on some top-secret projects as well! I can't share the details with you just yet, but here is a teaser photo to tide you over:
Thanks for joining me this week! For more WIP Wednesday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis Blog!

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