Monday, June 2, 2014

Gleener Cleaner: Review and Case Studies

I have been wanting to get my hands on a Gleener Cleaner for a few years now, but somehow never got around to it. Last month at the TNNA trade show, I stopped by their booth for a demo and was totally in awe of what I saw: it was even more amazing that I'd been expecting! I asked them if they were interested in having me review the Gleener Cleaner on my blog, and they generously offered to ship one to me after the show. Of COURSE I took them up on that!

It arrived shortly thereafter, and I have been testing it out on every available surface ever since. To sum it up: I'm in love. I've used a sweater shaver, sweater stone, and a D-Fuzz-It, which are all adequate tools at removing pills in their own right. However, the Gleener Cleaner has them beat on so many levels:
  • the 2-in-1 product includes the best lint brush I've ever used. 
  • the 3 interchangeable edges have you covered for just about any fabric - wool, synthetics and blends.
  • the ergonomic handle is easy to hold and makes removing pills a breeze.
  • there are no batteries required! 
I have seriously never used a product that was as simple and effective as this one at removing pills. It is well worth the $19.99 retail, and it has now become an essential part of my life! Seeing is believing, however, so below are my case studies to demonstrate the full range of what this handy little tool is capable of. Enjoy!

Case Study #1: Three moderately pilly sweaters.
Most of my hand-knit sweaters have withstood the test of time with just a few pills, but before I pack them away for the season, I like to wash them in Eucalan and remove any pills which may have formed over the winter. 
I used Edge #2 for Everyday Pilling to make these sweaters look good as new. Look at how much fuzz I removed from each one!

Case Study #2: The ridiculously pilly sweater. 
This is one of my favorite sweaters, but its also also has the distinction of being the pilliest sweater in existence. 
It may be hard to see here, but trust me...this sweater is MEGA-pilly!
I used Edge #1 for Heavy-Duty Fuzz Balls to give this sweater a complete facelift: 
A vast improvement.
Seriously, check out how much fuzz I removed from just this one sweater!
Case Study #3: The vintage sweater in need of TLC.
This used to be one of my favorite sweaters, and I don't think I have ever de-pilled it since purchasing it used more than ten years ago. 

I used Edge #3 for Delicate Fibers to remove the most unslightly pills in the "rub" zone:

Case Study #4: The well-worn socks.
Hand-knit socks pose a bit of a challenge with the Gleener due to the shape. For the best results, the fabric needs to be pulled taut on a flat surface (they recommend an ironing board); this makes things such as toes and heels a bit difficult to Gleen, though it can be done. Witness these very well-worn (and well-loved) socks: pill city, population my feet!
First, I tried to Gleen them while on the sock blockers, but quickly abandoned that approach in favor of the ironing table. I started with Edge #1 for Heavy-Duty Fuzz Balls to get the most unsightly of the pills, then went back over the heel and sole with Edge #2 for Everyday Pilling. The results are pretty great, although I think this is one case where I would use my electric fuzz shaver to finish the job, since I can do that while the socks are on my feet and really get all of those curves and angles.

Case Study #5: The surprisingly pilly couch. 
Our couch has served us well, but I have always been disappointed with how many unsightly pills collect on the upholstery - clearly, their testers were not knitters! 

I used Edge #1 for Heavy-Duty Fuzz Balls to remove the unsightly pills along with the layer of cat hair I didn't realize was there. Now it looks brand-new! 

Case Study #6: The cat hangout. 
After the stunning results with the couch, I got bold and decided to really put the lint brush tool to the test! This is the scratching post/cat condo next to my desk, which is always covered in fuzz and fur:
Look at how much nicer it looks post-Gleener...yes, that is the same exact surface as before!

Case Study #7: Help! I'm covered in spinning fiber!
Another problem I constantly have is being covered in spinning fiber after a session at my wheel. This is particularly a problem with certain skirts in my wardrobe - a few seem to be made of velcro or tape, judging by how much lint and fiber they attract on any given day. Again, the lint brush magically removes every single bit of unsightly fiber and lint. It's amazing!
Case Study #8: Gleener Clean-Up.
After a heavy-duty session of Gleening, your work area will probably look something like this:

However, it's easy to clean up if you just flip the Gleener around to the lint brush - just a few quick strokes and your ironing board is good as new.

Convinced you can't live without it? That's what I thought! Click here to purchase a Gleener Cleaner of your very own on Amazon.


  1. Wow! I haven't knit any sweaters yet but there are definitely some pilly socks and a shawl or two this could work well on.

    1. You are totally going to love it! I'm completely addicted to mine!

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