Monday, December 21, 2015

Feeling Festive: This Year's Holiday Decor

Each year, I try to make a few projects to add to our holiday decor. Christmas is my husband's favorite holiday, and now that we have a big enough apartment, we have a full-size tree, stockings, and an ever-growing collection of holiday decor. This year, I picked four projects to make, but have so far only completed two(ish). The first was a really quick crocheted holiday lights garland using this free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. It's strung along the bookshelf containing my knitting library, which is opposite the other built-in bookshelf where we've hung our stockings.
After spotting this granny square tree tutorial on pinterest, I thought I could make my own version to hang on our door, using buttons as the ornaments. My idea worked out pretty well, I think!
I was hoping to make all 4 snowball buddies for our tree, but the first three I ended up gifting, and sine then I have only made this cute bunny ornament (hence the ish above):
The final project I want to make this year is this crocheted snowman for the front door. We're not really wreath people, and Tyler and I both really like snowmen, so a lot of our holiday decor has this theme. I am hoping to make this before the end of the year, luckily we tend to leave our decorations up for a while past Christmas, so there is still time!

One quick and easy way I decorated this year was to hang wooden cutout snowflakes (which I bought during World Market's crazy Black Friday online sale - 50% off and free shipping!), then use burlap ribbon (which I bought on Amazon for about $6) as a simple garland.
Burlap ribbon + ornaments = instant xmas cheer.
What are your favorite DIY holiday ideas?


  1. I adore your granny square tree! All of your decorations are so festive. This year rather than spending endless hours looking for the perfect ornament, I decided to create my own as well.

  2. I really love those wooden snowflakes, so pretty!

  3. Look at how festive your decor is, amazing! Love the granny square tree, and the little bunny ornament! And that light garland is great.