Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Festivus Edition

Today is kindasortnotreally Festivus*, and to celebrate, I can finally share a project I've been working on for Tyler in secret, which is currently at HO status:
Last night, we did our gift exchange and he was the proud recipient of one Christmas Barf-colored sock. WOO HOO! Now I am furiously knitting its mate in hopes that he can wear these socks on Christmas day. The pattern is one of my favorites for gift knitting, Lateral by Cookie A.

I'm planning to start several new projects over the break, but for now the only other one I am working on the Xanadu Snowflake Cowl, though I am not very far along and as you can see above, it really just looks like a mess of tiny, tiny stitches and yarn ends. Here's hoping a 14 hour train ride round trip will yield a more interesting WIP photo between now and next week!
*if you are a nerd like me, you've watched the Seinfeld extras and know that the real holiday has no set date, which makes it all the more ominous!

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  1. Oh Seinfield, that show is still the best. I love that you've called it the christmas barf sock! Good luck with the other and merry christmas!