Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Gift Projects

Nearly all of my holiday gift projects were for the little people in my life, although I have already shared most of them here on this blog (socks for my nephew Rhys, this cute top for my cousin's oldest daughter Dany, and a sweater and frog hat for my newest nephew, James). However, there are a few projects which I haven't yet blogged about, for fear that the surprise would be given away so close to the holiday. Now that most of my holiday projects have been gifted, I can share them with you!

My cousin is expecting in early 2016, and she and her husband are HUGE Royals fans (as our entire family is!). Naturally  I had to knit a baby sweater in Royals colors!
I was pretty psyched when I found the most perfect buttons ever from Wildflower Button Studio:
Upon learning that my nephew Ethan is obsessed with the color red, I quickly cast on for this cute garter stitch hat (available for free here on the Purl Soho blog) in an eyeball-searing fire engine red which defied my attempts at photographing:
My oldest nephew is approaching that hard-to-knit-for age, but thankfully my sister mentioned that he really liked the fingerless gloves I made for her a few years back. So I knit him his own pair using some of my handspun yarn and the free Maize pattern from Tincan Knits:
I think that's it - I was fairly un-ambitious this year when it came to gift knitting. I think that this trend will continue in 2016, as my friend Kim's pick-a-gift idea was a hit over Christmas (if you missed the post where I mentioned this - basically I just knit or crochet a bunch of projects I want to make throughout the year, and then let everyone in my family pick from the pile 'o' gifts). Having this idea in mind at the start of the year should yield even better results, too - I got a pretty late start this year!


  1. My husband's great grandmother used to do the 'pick a gift' thing, too. She'd make a ton of mittens, or a batch of hats, and just let people take what they wanted. Cute knits!

  2. such great gifts! I love the baseball buttons on the baby sweater!