Friday, January 8, 2016

FO Friday: Made-Up Mitts

This week, I kind of have a theme going - on Monday, I featured a new yarn from Ancient Arts Yarn called Big Squeeze (click here if you missed it, there is a free hat pattern!), and today, I have a project knit with another new yarn from Ancient Arts called Reinvent!
This yarn is particularly intriguing because it is spun entirely from reclaimed luxury fibers, which you can't really tell when you hold it in your hand, though it is apparent that there is something a little different going on. There is a slight mohair halo, though the yarn itself is very smooth and well-plied - and it is STRONG. I was feeling too lazy to dig out my scissors and tried to break the yarn with my hands to no avail. It also aced the frog test quite beautifully, needless to say.
I packed this yarn for my trip to Kansas City over the holidays, intending to knit a pattern from Hunter Hammersen's new book, Fine Things For Plain Occasions. I was trying to travel light, so I just made a copy of the pattern I wanted to knit and left the actual book at home - unfortunately for me, I somehow managed to only copy half of the pattern, a fact which I discovered about 3 hours into the train ride when it became apparent that I was missing the referenced stitch charts. So, I decided to just make something up on the fly - a little garter cuff and some stockinette hands, easy peasy. As you can see above, they fit perfectly, and I'm happy to say that they are my new favorite mitts to wear in my drafty office this winter.

I hear that Reinvent (and Big Squeeze) are making their debut at the TNNA Trade Show in San Diego this weekend, so I expect that you can find them soon at your LYS or here on the Ancient Arts site

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  1. Very cool looking mitts! Love the colourway and also that the yarn is made from reclaimed luxury fibers.