Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Tiny Yarn Update

Welcome back to another installment of Knitting with Tiny Yarn! On today's episode, we have moderate progress to report. The Snowflake Cowl continues to grow; in fact, I'm incredibly close to the halfway point - I kind of can't believe it myself, for a long time it felt like not progress was being made at all!
My Alegria Hat has also gained an inch or two in the last week:
And I am trying very, VERY hard to resist the siren call of socks, but this skein of yarn from Ancient Arts Yarns (which is dyed to match my tortie cat Tilly, from their Meow Collection) keeps calling to me! My crafting time this week has been pretty limited, so I have yet to act on this urge - the closest I've come is to gather everything that might be used for said project to create this irresistible tableau:
Will I cast on for a pair of socks tonight? Will I wait til the weekend? Will I wait til I get one of the above projects off the needles (snort)? I really don't know, anything could happen!

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  1. your knits are coming along great!! And I'm excited to see the tortie yarn knitted up- it can be hard to envision what those lovely yarns look like knitted up.