Monday, January 11, 2016

New Pattern: Yadda Yadda Cowl

It's been a really long time since I've released a totally new design: we're talking spring of last year, by my watch. It's not that I don't have ideas percolating, or that I haven't been working anything in secret - it's just that, for the better part of last year, I have been working on wrestling with this cowl design - charting patterns, knitting, ripping out for several cycles before I finally found the golden combination.

It seems like my go-to projects these days are "easy" stockinette/garter with just a few bells and whistles to add interest while I knit - but not too many bells and whistles, or I simply can't knit on them at the end of a long day of work when I am totally brain dead. Does anyone else have this problem?!

I wanted this cowl to be something that was fun to knit and had the potential to be "weekday knitting" (or "conversation knitting" if you prefer). So, each time I found I couldn't master the stitch patterns I put together, out came the needles and riiiiiiip went the yarn back to frog city. And there I was, back at the drawing board.

It was pretty exciting once I found the stitch patterns which worked, because then this cowl FLEW off the needles! The worst part was not being able to share it on this blog or Instagram, but there are worse things - and now, here we are! It's finally time to present my first pattern of 2016, which was a long time coming: the Yadda Yadda Cowl.

This pattern is totally customizable based on your own preferences - I provide instructions to knit the cowl as pictured with a combination or written instructions and charted stitch patterns (please note - the instructions for each stitch pattern are not written out to save space, so you will need to know how to read basic charts). The pattern also provides ideas for ways you can customize your own cowl or knit a smaller version (which only uses 1 skein of Shasta yarn). You could knit endless combinations!

As written and shown here, the Yadda Yadda Cowl alternates panels of garter stitch with 4 different easy-to-memorize stitch patterns; using larger needles than you would normally for a worsted weight yarn, you'll create a delightfully squishy fabric that is still quite warm. The sample shown here is knit using 2 skeins of Baah Shasta worsted yarn, a lovely superwash that comes in a variety of hand-dyed colors. I'm amazed at how different this shaded solid can look, depending on the lighting - something I'm sure you have also noticed from photo to photo!

As for the name, it came about one day when I noticed I'd scribbled out a few pattern notes to myself, followed by "yadda, yadda, yadda" which gave me a chuckle. Luckily for you, I expounded on the yadda for this pattern so that you don't have to guess what that might mean as you knit.

I can't wait to see which stitch combinations everyone chooses for their cowl!

Click here to purchase the Yadda Yadda Cowl pattern on Ravelry. 


  1. So pretty! I appreciate easy to memorize charts, and something I can knit while hanging out with my husband after the kids are in bed. I'll be adding this to my rav queue straight away!

  2. I definitely have a similar knitting problem, I love the more complicated knits but my brain likes to relax when I actually have knitting time.

  3. Oh wow, it's so pretty! And I adore the mixed stitches.

  4. It's lovely, especially in that color! I love the idea behind the design. Sounds like an interesting knit.
    And yes! I have been gravitating towards easy mindless knits lately too (like simple socks). It's hard to concentrate on anything complicated after a 12 to 14 hour work day.