Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Another Crazy Blanket?!

Over the weekend, I may have let all judgment fly out the window, because I started a new blanket project. I know, I know - the last one took over a year to complete. Why would I do this to myself again so soon after the last one?? I just couldn't resist the siren call - plus, this project is totally different: it's crocheted with a big ol hook (size N, if you're wondering), and I'm using up alllllll of the leftover bits and bobs from my handspun yarn stash. At least, that's the plan. Here is my blanket so far:
I'm alternating single and double crochet randomly, and really liking how it's working up.

In other news, the chevron baby hat is nearing completion - if only I weren't so obsessed with this blanket project, or it would probably be done already!
I also made some progress on the second baby sweater, though I hit a snag over the weekend when my cat (and I'm sorry for being gross) threw up on the working yarn....while it was in my knitting basket. I am still not sure how that could have possibly happened - it must have involved acrobatics, or cat-robatics, if you will. At any rate, I had to cut the working yarn, wind off the skein into a hand, wash it, let it dry, and then re-wind it into a working ball. Thanks,'re a peach.
That's pretty much it for this week, hopefully I will have a finished baby hat to share on FO Friday. See you then!

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  1. I am so tempted to do one of those crochet blankets..... I should probably finish my mitered squares first though right?