Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Knitting & Un-knitting

It really doesn't seem like much has happened since this time last week, but I have been knitting! I resurrected a sock WIP, which was my focus for a lot of this past weekend:


Unfortunately, I don't think I like the new type of heel construction I used, and I am leaning heavily towards frogging back to re-knit the heel.

And the project I started last week from Curls 2? I made a mistake and didn't notice for a few rows, and decided I should just rip it out and start again, since I wasn't very far along to begin with (it's the project below on the left). However, I did start the Rockling Cardigan that I was swatching for last week, though I'm not very far along (it's the project below on the right).

And that's pretty much it - I'm still working on the crochet handspun blanket, but it doesn't look terribly different from the last time I shared a photo. 

I do have an FO to share this Friday, so see you then! 

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