Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The start of a shawl (plus a million other things)

In the wake of finishing several WIPs over the weekend, I was on the prowl for a new project I could start in addition to the MANY top-secret projects which are currently on my needles. Yes, there are exciting things afoot (pun intended), and I can't wait til I get to share them with you! Alas, that won't be for a month at the earliest, to be exact. Until then, I'll be ever-so-slowly knitting on my new WIP, the Spindleberry Shawl by Joanna Johnson.
I'm using a skein of Skein Merino Cashmere Fingering in the Ochiba colorway; I realized that I didn't have a single grey shawl, and this just happened to be in my stash! 

I was able to snag the pattern for free when it was first published thanks to my Ravulous Hot Right Now widget that I have on my phone (click here to read my review). I've never made anything with fringe, and it's not something I would normally be into....but for some reason I like it in this design. Bonus: the fringe is created as you knit!
I haven't had much time to spin as I thought I would this month, as I've been working 50-60 hour work weeks in preparation for the trade show next month. I am getting rather close to the halfway point with this pound of Dorper for Spinning Spring Training, which I suppose is pretty good given the circumstances. If i am finished with this project by April 30, I will be quite pleased!
Also, for everyone who made it out to the Windy City Knitting Guild meeting last night to see my presentation - THANK YOU! I'll be sharing some of the blogs, podcasts and other information I spoke about in a special upcoming blog post so since I wasn't able to do the powerpoint at the meeting due to a technological snafu since so many people asked if I would make that information available after the meeting.
Everyone got to try out some new yarns (including an exciting new hand-dyed yarn that will be making its TNNA debut) during the needle tasting; it was a ton of fun! I hope everyone enjoys their Knitter's Pride goodies!
Many thanks to my husband Tyler for being a good sport and taking lots of photos last night! 

If you're just joining me, I am hosting a Virtual Thirty-One Party for the next two weeks (click here for all the details). Since I've already shared a few posts  about Thirty-One this week, I will be unveiling my next product pick this coming Friday when I also share my finished #HKKAL project, the Cute Girl Squares top!

Thanks for joining me this week! For more WIP Wednesday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis Blog!


  1. Sounds like it was a great gathering despite the tech challenge. Are those the cubic in the first picture? I looked for them at Stitches South without any luck :-( Webs only had a set. I really want to try them.

    1. Good eye, those are indeed Nova Cubics!