Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enabling Should Be My Middle Name

I don't need more sock yarn...yet these two lovely skeins found their way into my house recently:

Green Mountain Spinnery Sock Art Forest (70% fine wool. 30% Tencel) in an undyed natural grey color. The photo doesn't do it justice! I'll be using it for the Jelly Beans Socks, which is a KAL happening right now in their Ravelry group.
Then I succumbed to yet another Craftsy Deal (perhaps I should ban that site from my browser?), this time for this autumnal skein of Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock in Pumpkin Patch....and promptly cast on for the Lateral Socks from Cookie A's new collection (the beginnings of which you saw in yesterday's WIP Wednesday post!).
I'll try to resist purchasing any more yarn til September...but I make no promises!

ETA: If you're wondering how (or if) it's possible to enable oneself into a yarn purchase, I assure you it is. I spend all day looking at yarn and patterns, talking about them for clients, telling other people they should purchase pattern X or yarn Z...and usually, by the end of the day, I've convinced myself as well!


  1. No, no; it's only enabling if you get *someone else* to buy it. Buying it yourself is just...buying it.

    I'm a musical instrument enabler. I got one of my friends to buy a grand piano (to replace the one she already had), and another friend to buy a mandolin (to replace the one she already had). Upgrades, in both cases, but still!

  2. I'm all for taking others down with me, but I find I am most susceptible to self-enabling!