Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spotted in the Wild: Still More Bags!

The Kitchy Pleated Bag continues to be one of my most popular designs from Malabrigo Book 3. Here are the latest FO projects to pop up on Ravelry!

Annedonn has made several kitchy bags to give as gifts - her latest two (shown above, top left and middle) have fancy buttons, too (the pink buttons have some sort of bug on them)! I'm not sure what yarn she used, but I love seeing the variations in color combinations.

KnitKnacksTO made this version (above right) to use as a project bag in what looks like Tuareg and Pearl Ten Malabrigo Chunky - a great pairing!


  1. HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THAT BAG PATTERN?!?!?! Gah. You know what I really miss about owning a yarn store? Malabrigo and Lorna's. And totally being out of the loop on really awesome patterns. .... sigh....

  2. And yet the flipside of that is, you are not enabled to purchase yarn and queue patterns that you probably won't have time to actually knit! If I didn't have to sleep, all of this non-stop enabling on a daily basis wouldn't be so bad...