Friday, August 3, 2012

FO Friday: Color Affection

It's done, it's done, it's DONE! And I love it...(is anyone surprised?)

This shawl is enormous - as you can see in this photo I took while it was blocking, it's longer than my massage table (which, if you're interested, is a good 75 inches in length). I used three colors of The Fibre Company's Canopy Fingering, which is one of my new favorite yarns - alpaca, merino and bamboo. It's delightful to knit with.

I think this will be a staple throughout the fall and winter - it's perfect for draping around my shoulders, and since it's in my three favorite colors, it'll pretty much match everything I own (not that matching is ever a huge priority for me, considering most days I don't actually interact with the world at large!). One of my friends on Facebook commented that it looked like a Japanese rock garden, which hadn't actually occurred to me, but now I can totally see it. It was a pretty zen-like knitting experience, too - very soothing and comforting to work on....just what I needed at the time!

The details:

Pattern: Color Affection by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering
MC: Manatee
C1: Conifer
C2: Sarsparilla
Notes & Modifications:
Based on some project notes by fellow Ravelers, I started with a larger amount of stitches in an effort to avoid the "bump" at the beginning. For the first two sections, I increased two stitches for each row, omitting the 4-stitch increase every fourth row. For the short-row section, I knit the pattern as written (I think - my notes started getting a little spotty) til I ran out of the main color.  From that point, I switched to Sarsparilla and knit 'til I ran out of that, binding off with just a few yards to spare!

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  1. Its amazing. I love how it turned out. The color looks great too. Thank goodness you had just enough yarn to finish it.

  2. I love this pattern. Really lovely color choice.

  3. Thanks, guys! I can't wait til it's cooler out and I can wear this 24/7.

  4. What a lovely Color affection you made :)

  5. Wow, what a stunning shawl, well done!

  6. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you

  7. This is beautiful! I'm still resisting; there are too many things on my knitting plate and I tend to only work one thing at a time. I have a couple "must knit/design" projects, so Color Infection will have to wait!

  8. Thanks everybody! I keep gazing at it on my dress from, dreaming of the day it will be cool enough to wear it out-of-doors!