Monday, February 24, 2014

Crafty Decor

I'm a little obsessed with buttons, and have a sizable collection of (mostly vintage) buttons - probably more than I could ever use in this lifetime, especially considering I often purchase new buttons for specific projects. I used to keep my buttons in a plastic storage container, but one day I decided that they would be a fun and crafty addition to my home decor.
The above container is an antique jar which I found in my grandparents' basement a few years ago, and it has an interesting metal closure at the top; in fact, you can see a few of the crafty items which are doing double duty as home decor: my wooden drop spindle, various knitting needles, and of course - buttons! Since keeping fresh-cut flowers in our house isn't an option (our cats love to eat plants), I've started using vases to display other objects. I've also filled a clear cylindrical vase with buttons and thought that a few wooden needles would add a nice knitterly touch in the absence of flowers (those are some ginormous Basix needles from Knitter's Pride)!

Have you incorporated any of your craft supplies into home decor? I'd love to hear your decorating ideas!


  1. I have some wood factory spindles I display, plus a jar of Buttons. I also have a jar of leftover balls of yarn. And oft times my swift and winder hang out on the dining room table a little too long. In fact right now a skein of yarn is in my napkin bowl waiting to be wound. Hey, it's pretty, so why not. LOL!

    1. I love the idea of a jar filled with colorful bits of yarn, thanks for the suggestion!