Friday, February 21, 2014

FO Friday: Domo Arigato, Mitten Roboto!

I'm super psyched about my newest FO! The Robots vs. Downtown pattern has been in my queue since September 2012, so when the designer had a sale last year during the Indie Designer Giftalong, I snapped up the pattern and set aside some yarn from my stash so that I could cast these on in the new year.

As I do with pretty much any chart, I ended up enlarging it as much as possible for ease of following along. The pattern was very well-written and included some helpful notes at the beginning, but I did find the chart difficult to follow (even the ginormous 11x17 version I made) due to the gray-on-gray happening with the MC and grid. Luckily, the designer included some guide lines to help with this issue, so I just placed markers with different designs on them to help me follow along. I also relied heavily on my Magma Chart Holder, as you probably noticed in my WIP photos.

My only modification was to pick up fewer stitches for the thumb due to my abnormally small hands (and, subsequently, abnormally small thumbs). I ended up picking up only 6 stitches to add to the held stitches. Since the total number was easily divisible by 5, I ended up doing decreases similar to making a rounded toe on a sock.

I love how these mittens turned out and I know that I'll be wearing them a lot in 2014!

Pattern: Robots vs. Downtown by Annie Watts
Yarn: ShiBui Knits Sock in Wasabi and Peacock (1 skein each)

Thanks for stopping by this week - for FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog.

Have a crafty weekend! 

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