Friday, February 14, 2014

FO Friday: Tough Love Baby Sweater

I made this adorable sweater for my friend's baby Nora, who turned one in January; I'd been dying to share this project on my blog, but had to wait til it was gifted, just to be safe. The birthday party was delayed a week due to snow, although it ended up snowing on the day of the party anyhow (at least it waited til later in the day so that everyone could get there without issues). At any rate, it is finally safe to share publicly!
When I saw this sweater pattern in the Kelbourne Woolens Baby Collection, I knew I had to make it for Nora because she'd look incredibly cute in it! Since it's a little girly, I decided to make it in some less traditional colors - plus I had two skeins of Sweet Georgia's Tough Love Sock which would be perfect: Lemon Curd and Cayenne.The colors are actually a little lighter/brighter than shown here, but you get the idea.

Pattern: Colette by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock

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Have a crafty weekend! 


  1. What a sweet gift! And perfect for Valentine's Day reveal.

  2. Really cute sweater. I love all the different patterns in it.

  3. That is a stunning sweater. I bet her mom swooned over it!