Friday, October 30, 2015

FO Friday: Fiber Story

It's been over two months since I cast on for the Leonarda Wrap with the gorgeous skeins of One Silky Merino I bought at the Fiber Story booth at Stitches Midwest. Despite having successfully knit this project before, I ran into some issues as I neared the home stretch which had nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with my inability to follow it correctly. Eventually, things righted themselves, and I managed to finish and block my project to perfection!
I absolutely loved this yarn, so I was a bit disappointed to find very little info about it on Ravelry or the internet at large - it's almost like they're trying to keep it a secret! Given the scarcity, I'm pretty happy I indulged in a few skeins when I saw it at Stitches. I only wish I hadn't misplaced the label and could tell you the name of this colorway!
Pattern: Leonarda by Laura Chau - includes instructions for rectangular wrap shown here, plus two sizes of a triangular shawl.
Yarn: Fiber Story One Silky

I also re-drew a winner for my WEEKEND/Knitter's Pride needle giveaway - congratulations amchart! I will contact you on Ravelry to arrange for the delivery of your prize.

Have a great weekend!

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