Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIPs & SIPs: Spinzilla Week

Spinzilla started at 12:01 AM on October 5, and I have been spinning up a storm with every free moment I get. Since the start, I have filled a total of 5 bobbins: the three at the bottom are spun from  Louet Jacob fiber, the top right was spun from some of my blending board rolags, and the top right is a braid of fiber from the Cloudlover fiber club.
I know my original plan was to wait til Spinzilla was over to ply, but that cake of singles you see in the photo above didn't go so well (the other side is NOT a pretty picture!). I decided to ply all of the Jacob singles into a 3-ply so that my Victoria bobbins could be efficiently cleared, and then I really went for broke, spinning with more blending board rolags and nearly filled a sixth bobbin!
It's safe to say that Spinzilla is off to a great start for me. Of course, I haven't found much time to knit, but I did make some progress on my WIPs over the weekend. For instance, I realized that I hadn't ripped far enough back on my Leonarda shawl....and so, I frogged it AGAIN and managed to get back to the same place I was last Wednesday, more or less. I was hoping to have this off the needles and ready to wear by the end of last weekend, but clearly it wasn't meant to be. It basically looks exactly like the photo I posted last week. Sigh.

I also made some progress on my Broad Shoulders sweater, though I am still running behind my self-created sweater schedule (oh, the irony) and most of my fellow KAL-ers (ditto). For some reason, every time I tried to work on this project last week, I kept making silly mistakes that I had to later rip back. The pattern itself isn't difficult, I just have been a little stressed and overworked, which apparently means I am unable to handle anything other than stockinette stitch.
Speaking of stockinette stitch, I did manage to hit a pretty big milestone for my Knitscene yak cardi: the body is finished and I started the sleeves! I'm doing them two-at-a-time since I tend to get second sleeve syndrome; I love that I can use the same needles for the sleeves as I was using for the body - all I had to do was remove the interchangeable tips and secure the body stitches on the cable with the end caps from my needle set (I'm using my faves, Knitter's Pride Karbonz) - then I just found another cord to use for the sleeves!
If you got the latest issue of Knitscene, you may have seen one of the first photos I ever posted of my yak cardigan:
The editor, Amy, emailed me to ask if they could run my photo in the latest issue, and of course I said yes! Besides that, there is a ton of great patterns that I'm dying to knit, and my friend Heidi of Hands Occupied is featured on the very last page, too. It's worth checking out!

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