Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Less Spinning, More Grey

Now that Spinzilla is done, I have a lot of singles to ply since this year's strategy did not include plying during the event (for the most part). I'll be sharing my Spinzilla results later this week, and this weekend I plan on plying some of these projects so that they are officially done.

In the mean grey knitting project streak continues. While the Leonarda shawl is officially off the needles (but still in need of a good blocking), I have replaced it with....another grey shawl. I promise that my next project will be in a non-grey yarn, but I couldn't resist this new cashmere yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch for the Miya Shawl KAL which started on Monday:
While traveling last week, I left the Broad Shoulders sweater in Chicago, but I have been working on it since arriving back in town and there has been some progress made since last week:
I did happen to take my two-at-a-time sleeves for my Pennant cardi, and made some decent progress on the trip:
Not bad, considering that much of my free time has been spend spinning, traveling, and visiting family in the last week - and, the good news is that the solution to my all-grey, all the time WIP issue arrived yesterday in the mail:
Next week, I should have an exciting new WIP featuring this yarn and pattern kit from Skeino yarn to spice things up!

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