Friday, October 16, 2015

FO Friday: Spinzilla 2015

I really don't recommend traveling during Spinzilla. While I somehow managed to crack 3,000 yards, I didn't exceed last year's total by any stretch of the imagination. As I mentioned prior to the start of the event, I opted to ply very few of my singles during the course of the event, mostly because I wouldn't have access to two wheels whilst traveling.

I'm not sure I would employ that strategy again, but it did have its pluses and minuses, and my idae for winding singles off into center-pull balls so that I could free up bobbins worked our marginally well, though you probably noticed in the photo above that some of those balls are a bit messy. This weekend, I plan to start plying some of these singles once I decide on how I'd like to approach that - so I'll be sharing more details of those skeins as I finish them (or at the very least, on Instagram and/or my Ravelry handspun stash page).

All in all, my finished total was 3209 yards, which is pretty low compared to my most impressive teammates on Team Louet North America - but it's pretty decent considering how limited my spinning time was this year!

I'm anxiously awaiting the official results which will be announced sometime this coming Monday, October 19. I think our team has a decent chance of winning, though I'd be pretty thrilled if we placed in the top 3 again this year!

Local Chicago peeps - there will be a WEEKEND trunk show and book signing at Nina in Wicker Park tomorrow! See you there!

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