Monday, May 6, 2013

The Kitteh Report

On Friday, Tilly and Robin both had their comprehensive health exam (their favorite thing!) and each received a positive report from the vet.
Tilly continues to lose weight; she's slimmed down to 12.6 pounds since her last visit. She still has a little ways to go, but they're happy with her progress. We're happy, too, because Tilly isn't limping around any more.
Robin's kidney values continue to hold steady as well, so that was a relief to hear! His new thing is he gets really drooly at the vet (and, in general, he just drools a lot - when he naps....when he snuggles....when he gets his fluids....). I took this photo once we got home since it kind of looked like he had a beard o' drool.

Today's entry is a short one, but I finished and made progress on a LOT of projects this weekend to share with you later this week. I hope to see you back here on WIP Wednesday and FO Friday!

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