Friday, May 3, 2013

Kinda Sorta FO Friday

I find myself without an FO this week, unless you count the following: my first finished sock of 2013 and my Breezy Bolero from last week, now complete with buttons!

Consequently, this will be a short post today.

It's been a while since I've shared my sock progress, but these have been taking the backburner to other projects in the last few weeks. They are my own design, which will hopefully be out later this summer. I am loving the yarn, Fleece Artist's Nova Sock.

I'm also glad to finally have a photo of me wearing my newest finished sweater! The buttons were gifted to me by my pal Lauren, who probably has a button stash that puts mine to shame....and mine is pretty extensive. I believe she'll be selling some of these lovelies on etsy sometime soon. Of course I'll keep you posted!

I would have had a finished Genmaicha hat to share with everyone, but I had a small incident with a stretchy bind-off gone awry; this weekend, I'll try again and hopefully have better luck!

Thanks for stopping by this week - for more FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog!

I look forward to hearing about your latest projects. Have a crafty weekend!

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  1. Great projects! I like the pretty trail of lace on the socks. Love how the bolero turned out. Such a versatile sweater for spring.