Monday, May 20, 2013

More Yarn + Random Monday

Last week, I wrote about one of my favorite online yarn stores, which is in the process of closing. Consequently there are some very lovely yarns that are on sale right now. My stash is rather enhanced at the moment with some pretties from Skein, Sincere Sheep and Abstract Fiber (to name a few)....then again, sock yarn doesn't count as stash, am I right?!

I've always liked to take photos of random things I see when I'm out and about, which admittedly doesn't happen as much as it used to now that I work from home. But I do have a small collection of photos I've taken, both on instagram and from the days before instagram (if you can imagine that), which consists of interesting graffiti, a misplaced shoe, funny signs, squirrels eating pizza...that sort of thing. 

At any rate, over the last few days I saw a couple of things that caught my eye: first, a really big art piece wheatpasted to a dumpster by the California blue line station; second, a bizarre and slightly disturbing sight which also happened to be by the California blue line station - I have no idea why this person was taking a self-portrait while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but I am glad that I was quick enough on the draw to sneak a photo myself. You don't see that every day (thankfully). 

Finally, I thought I'd end by sharing this photo of Tyler enjoying a special birthday donut from Glazed and Infused

Thanks for stopping by today - see you back here for WIP Wednesday! 


  1. do I detect bacon on that donut? everything is better with bacon.